High Holiday FAQ

High Holidays - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: "My in-laws will be visiting during the High Holidays! Can they come to HH with us?"
  • A: Yes they can! Be sure to register and purchase a High Holiday ticket for them - if they're attending the Family Service only, they should purchase one ticket; if they're attending the Adult Service, they should buy a ticket for each adult attending.


  • Q: "My 26-year old son/daughter will be attending HH services with me, and my spouse will be out of town. Can I give my spouse's ticket to my child?"
  • A: Yes. If you have a Family membership, your adult child can attend using your spouse's ticket. 


  • Q: "I can't attend some/any High Holiday services. Can I give my ticket to a neighbor?"
  • A: We'll miss you, but no, HH tickets are intended for the Beth Chai member.  We'd love to see your neighbor at services, and if any financial issues, please ask them to contact the Treasurer to make any arrangements for discounted tickets.


  • Q: "It's been a tough year financially for me or my adult child. I'm not a member; is there any way to get a break with the price?"
  • A: Absolutely. Please contact Beth Chai's Treasurer to discuss your situation confidentially.


  • Q: "I'd like to bring my granddaughters, their parents, and my sister, to Beth Chai's Family service. I have a family membership, do I need to buy tickets?"
  • A: You'll need to purchase a Family ticket for each household attending the service. For High Holiday ticket purposes, Beth Chai defines a Family as a household with up to 2 adults and their dependent children. 


  • Q: After I've been to the High Holiday Services can I join Beth Chai and enjoy everything the community has to offer, year-round? 
  • A: YES YOU CAN! And as an added bonus, the cost of your holiday tickets will be deducted from your annual membership fee if you join within a month.