Hopes for Biden and Harris

Posted by RabbiCohen on Jan. 15, 2021  /   0

Dear Friends,
The Bible could be used as the ultimate collection of case studies on leadership styles – the good, the bad and the ugly.   Certainly, examples apropos of our current leader abound in Biblical text.   Just this week, for example, we read the legend of Pharoah’s “heart hardening.”  Because of Pharoah’s ego and stubbornness, Egypt becomes a pestilence-filled, lice-infected wasteland before he admits defeat and frees the Israelites.

Let’s though, look ahead and not behind – for next week, we will have new leaders. 

The Bible’s legends also contain many examples of positive leadership choices and decisions.  As we witness Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking over the reins of leadership in our nation, this is my hope for them:

Like Abraham, who argues to save the few righteous of Sodom and Gomorrah, may they prioritize justice and the individual.

Like Miriam, who leads the people in song on shores of the Red Sea, may they lead from among the people not from above the people.   And, may they do so with joy.

Like Judah, who admits that he treated his daughter-in-law Tamar unfairly and apologizes, may they admit their mistakes fully and openly.  

Like Esther, who faces her fears for the good of her people, may they show courage when faced with difficult choices and decisions. 

Like Jethro, Moses’ Midianite father-in-law and close advisor, may they look beyond people’s differences to find the similarities in the human experience.

Like Ruth, who leaves her home to follow her mother-in-law, may they show loyalty and dedication.

Like Adam and Eve, may they always seek out knowledge and truth, even if it means leaving their comfort zone.

Perhaps, then, we can build Eden together. 

Stay healthy, Stay Safe,


Rabbi Debbie Cohen

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