Remembering Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Posted by RabbiCohen on Nov. 13, 2020  /   0

The Jewish community lost one of our contemporary greats recently.   Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of Great Britain (a post he held for 22 year) and a member of the House of Lords, passed away on November 7 from cancer.  Rabbi Sacks had a wonderful talent for taking the arcane lessons of our tradition and making them relevant and relatable for today.  He never overly simplified texts, but could explain them in a way that engaged contemporary audiences.   He was one of my go-to resources for adult education and sermons.

This Sunday, I will be dedicating our adult education session to looking at Rabbi Sack’s life, legacy and teachings.  He was certainly not a Humanist Jew, but he was very concerned with humanity. Here though are just a few quotes to give you a sense of Rabbi Sacks, his intellect and his humor.

On leadership and the Jewish community:
“There are many great Jewish leaders. There are very few great Jewish followers. So leading the Jewish people turns out to be very difficult.”

On childhood:
“To be a Jewish child is to learn how to question.”

“Shabbat is the day we stand still and let all our blessings catch up with us. ”

Rabbi Sacks taught, “For Jews, education is not just what we know, it is who we are.”   Come to adult education this Sunday at 11:15 am to learn about Rabbi Sacks, yourself and the other members of our community!

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