School Registration

For New Members

Membership in our congregation is required for enrollment in our School.  Please begin the enrollment process by clicking on the Membership Registration, which will take you through the steps of creating your membership. You will be asked to create a login name and password. Please take note of these, as you will need this information to register for school, purchase High Holiday tickets, and generally to access the site.

Once you're a registered member, return to the School Registration page to login, and then follow the instructions on the pages to follow.

For Returning Members

Perform your School Registrations by following the instructions on the pages to follow. If you want to pay for your Membership Renewal and School Registrations at once, start by renewing your membership in 'View Profile' at the top of the screen. Proceed through the steps and confirm your renewal but don't make the payment, instead return to School Registrations and then pay for everything at the end of the process.

Please review our School Information section for important information about Beth Chai's classes.