Beth Chai: The Greater Washington Jewish Humanist CongregationBeth Chai: The Greater Washington Jewish Humanist Congregation


Beth Chai has Sunday programs for both children and adults. While the children are in Sunday School, parents are welcome to attend our Adult Education sessions, which are held simultaneously with the children's classes. We strive at Beth Chai to foster and maintain a positive Jewish identity for ourselves and our children by providing all our members, from the youngest to the oldest, the opportunity to learn about Jewish history, culture, values, and traditions in a humanistic manner. We stress equally the Jewish and humanist values of taking responsibility for one’s own actions, respecting all human beings, showing compassion for others, maintaining one's integrity, and working for Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World).

Beth Chai Sunday School

Our Sunday School curriculum integrates history, ethics, and celebration into an age- and developmentally-appropriate program at each grade level from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.  

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Adult Education at Beth Chai  

The values taught in Sunday School are echoed and reinforced in our weekly Adult Education programs, which feature instruction and lively discussion on a wide-range of Jewish topics.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

For those children who are interested in augmenting the School’s Mitzvah-year curriculum with a celebration of their own, we offer a unique, highly personalized approach to the traditional Bar/ Bat Mitzvah rite. Beth Chai’s path to the coming-of-age ceremony is designed to deepen each student’s Jewish education with the help of individual rabbinic tutorials and congregational participation.

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